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BETTER MISSION Magnum XP style MCM XL Centrifugal Pump 6x5x14 8x6x14 10x8x14

BETTER MISSION Magnum XP style MCM XL Centrifugal Pump 6x5x14 8x6x14 10x8x14

    • BETTER MISSION Magnum XP style MCM XL Centrifugal Pump 6x5x14 8x6x14 10x8x14
    • BETTER MISSION Magnum XP style MCM XL Centrifugal Pump 6x5x14 8x6x14 10x8x14
  • BETTER MISSION Magnum XP style MCM XL Centrifugal Pump 6x5x14 8x6x14 10x8x14

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: BETTER
    Certification: API 7K, 6A, 8C, ISO
    Model Number: BT-SB

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: OFFER
    Packaging Details: Carton, Plywood Case
    Delivery Time: 7-10 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, West Union
    Supply Ability: Fast Delivery, Plenty in Stock
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    Detailed Product Description

    BETTER heavy-duty centrifugal pumps – Mission magnum XP style

    It is ideally suited for pumping high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive, corrosive. An excellent choice for high volume mobile and stationary applications where a small footprint is critical. The low stuffing box pressure can increase seal life approximately 50%. The extra-heavy shaft is designed for minimum deflection. The heavy duty bearings are permanently lubricated to minimize maintenance.



         BT-650120009            14 x 12 x 22   Hard Iron   Centrifugal Pump, Mechanical Seal

         BT-650120010            14 x 12 x 22   High Chrome   Centrifugal Pump, Mechanical Seal

         BT-666001001            12 x 10 x 23   Hard Iron   Centrifugal Pump, Mechanical Seal

         BT-666001007            12 x 10 x 23   High Chrome   Centrifugal Pump, Mechanical Seal

         BT-666001005            8 x 6 x 18   Hard Iron   Centrifugal Pump, Mechanical Seal

         BT-666001006            8 x 6 x 18   High Chrome   Centrifugal Pump, Mechanical Seal


    Hard Iron & High chrome spare parts compatible with popular brands in the markets, such as Mission Magnum XP.

    Casing assembly, 14x12x22       24022-01-30A 24022-01-AY      651120206 662001007    

    Casing assembly, 12x10x23       25008-01-30A 25008-01-AY      662001001 662002099    

    Casing assembly, 8x6x18         25289-02-30A 25289-02-AY      662002089                 

    Stuffing Box, Mechanical Seal (14x12x22)   24027-01-30 24027-02-AY    662014052

    Stuffing Box, Mechanical Seal (12x10x23)   24027-02-30 25309-01-AY   

    Stuffing Box, Mechanical Seal (8x6x18)     25290-02-30 25290-02-AY   

    Impeller, 14x12 Clockwise Rot.22”         24024-X0-HS 24024-X0-AY      662005003 662005010     

    Impeller, 12x10 Clockwise Rot.23”         25010-Y0-30 25010-X0-AY      662005002 662005024     

    Impeller, 8x6 Clockwise Rot.18”           2592-T0-30 2592-T0-AY         662005018         

    Casing nut     3932-61

    Casing stud    3862-86, 3862-90, 3862-92

    Casing Gasket     10399-55-01, 25012-01-01, 25012-02-05

    Cover front      24021-01-30, 25009-01-30, and 25291-02-03

    Mechanical seal     24036, 658416102

    Shaft sleeve      24029-21BZ, 656422201

    Inboard bearing oil seal    20619-03   658413604

    Inboard bearing     20615-2, 658413000

    Bearing housing     24032-01-01, 654313006

    Outboard bearing    20616-2, 658413307, 20616-3, 661009001

    Shaft     24028-33, 656420007

    Outboard bearing cover   24033-01-01

    Gland   24034-01-13, 654315100


    Housing Assembly 2″x3″x13″ Hard Iron: P25D233H, 19203-01-30A, 17690-002, 142523HAS, 05213400, H19203-01-30A

    Housing Assembly 3″x4″x13″ Hard Iron: P25D343H, 19205-01-30A, 17680-002, 142534HAS, 052134100, H19205-01-30A

    Housing Assembly 4″x5″x14″ Hard Iron: P25D454H, 19222-01-30A, 17681-002, 052134200, H19222-01-30A

    Housing Assembly 5″x6″x14″ Hard Iron: P25D564H, 19123-01-30A, 17683-002, 142556HAS-14, 052134400, H19123-01-30A

    Housing Assembly 6″x8″x11″ Hard Iron: P25D681H, 19763-01-30A, 17684-002, 052134500, H19763-01-30A

    Housing Assembly 6″x8″x14″ Hard Iron: P25D684H, 19117-01-30A, 17685-002, 142568HAS, 052134600, H19117-01-30A

    Housing Stud w/nut: P25HSN, 3862-76/3932-61, 17649/5327-034, 15-250-HSN, B16092121000048& 19052121000000, WWHS1S3HA & WWJ11S800, H2507-3 & H3932-61



    Graphite (backup) Packing: P25PMSG, 8264-24-OBA, 17660-001, 8A-250-PMSG, 720441, 052141500, H2537-24A

    Housing Gasket: P25HG, 10399-46-1, 17648, 13C-250-HGA, 720700, 052137100, H10399-46-1

    Hard Iron Seal Plate (Stuffing Box) for Mechanical Seal: P25SB/MS, 22223-01-30A, 17658-002, 11C-250-SBMSS, 721350, 052136410, H22223-01-30A

    Mechanical Seal Assembly, not include the Graphite Backup Packing (3001200): P25MS/TT, 22451, 17662, 34A-250-MSI, 721540, WVBUF9000, H22451

    Gland Bolt Assembly: P25GABA, 3701A, 17686, 10-250-GABA, 720600, 052137280, H3701A

    Shaft Sleeve, Ceramic: P25SHSLVC, 20613-21G-7A, 17666-002, 7A-250-SSC, 721580, 052144200, H20613-21G-7A

    Impeller Seal O-Ring: P25IMS, 19110-72, 5530-0032, 12B-250-ISOR, 721480, WWB032V35, H19110-72

    Packing Gland: P25PG, 20622A, 17659, 9-250-GPA, 720590, 052136500, H20622A

    Shaft w/lock bolt: P25SHFT, 20612-02-33, 17665-001, 7-250-416SS, 720175, 052133900, H20612-02-33

    Shaft Sleeve Seal O-ring: P25SSS, 7496-236, 5530-136, 7B-250-SSOR, 721490

    DISCLAIMER: NOV Mission Magnum & Supreme, MCM, Halco, Double Life, Baker SPD, Harrisburg, Cobra, Dragon, k are in no way affliated with BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited. The replacement parts offered are manufactured by or for BETTER, and the mentioned brand name & part no. is for confirmation.


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