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250-6X8X14 Impeller P25D684MRXXX

250-6X8X14 Impeller P25D684MRXXX

250-6X8X14 Impeller P25D684MRXXX

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BETTER
Certification: API 7K, 6A, 8C, ISO
Model Number: Baker Mud Hog 2.5

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: USD1000.00 PER SET
Packaging Details: Carton, Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 7-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, West Union
Supply Ability: Fast Delivery, Plenty in Stock
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Detailed Product Description
Theory: Centrifugal Pump Structure: Single-stage Pump
Usage: Slurry Power: Electric
Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard Fuel: Motor
Pressure: Low Pressure Application: Sewage
Material: Hard Iron, 304SS,316SS, High Chrome Test: Balance Test
Technich: Casting

Impeller,3×2×13 19204-XX-30 H19204-XX-30 641215603 TP-P25D233MRxxx 17650-XX-112 1225231XX P25D233MRxxx - -
Impeller,4×3×13 19206-XX-30 h19206-XX-30 641217005 TP-P25D343MRxxx 17651-XX-112 1225341XX P25D343MRxxx - -
Impeller,5×4×14 19224-XX-30 - 641217831 TP-P25D454MRxxx 17652-XX-112 1225451XX P25D454MRxxx - -
Impeller,6×5×11 19121-XX-30 - 641211602 TP-P25D561MRxxx 17653-XX-112 1225561XX P25D561MRxxx - -
Impeller, 6×5×14 19121-XX-30 - 641212105 TP-P25D564MRxxx 17654-XX-112 1225561XX P25D564MRxxx - -
Impeller, 8×6×11 19121-XX-30 - 641211602 TP-P25D561MRxxx 17655-XX-112 1225661XX P25D561MRxxx - -
Impeller,8×6×14 19116-XX-30 - 641209903 TP-P25D584MRxxx 17656-XX-112 1225681XX P25D584MRxxx - -
Impeller,10×8×14 21867-XX-30 - 641221007 - - - - - -

BETTER could provide a wide range of open type impeller and semi open impeller, casing, stuffing box, wear pad for all series and brands of heavy duty centrifugal pumps, we have improved the original design with hydraulic hole one impeller position, which have prolonged the impellers' life greatly.
We have ductile iron, hard iron, high chrome iron material for option, if the quantity is ok, we accept to the customized impeller in bronze, stainless steel and other special material not popular used.
All impellers are investment casted or resin-casted with pickling (acid washing) as our power-end parts, which are also available in cast steel in favor of ductile. All other sizes are resin-casted with pickling (acid washing) to ensure smooth surface finish. To ensure quality, we meticulously check threaded holes by fitting their bolts to ensure the threads are clean and clear. All casings are of course pressure tested and all impellers and dynamic balanced. Each casing is properly pressure tested prior to shipping.
It is our standard to deliver all of our impellers in foam molded packing in boxes. If your company has any specific packaging requirements, from branding of castings to box labels, please let us know.
250-6X8X14 Impeller P25D684MRXXX
250-6X8X14 Impeller P25D684MRXXX

We could produce and supply the equivalent spare parts as below. The given part no. is for confirmation.
A series of fluid end parts could be provided, interchangeable with Mission ® Magnum I, and 2500 Supreme ®, halco ®2500. The equivalent or same materials are selected to guarantee the unified quality.
Part No. # Processing# Description
10399-46-1 648403012 Gasket,casing
3932-61 648402014 Nut,casing
3862-76 648401115 Stud,casing
8505-04-01 86485503 Plug,Casing Drain
8505-04-01 646400507 Plug,flush line
19110-72 64845082 Seal,impeller
7300239 Washer Impeller
7415648 Bolt, impeller lock
22223-01-30 641116157 Stuffing box,mech.seal
20614-01-30 643365042 Stuffing box,packed
3861-117 648401016 Bolt,stuffing box
19368-01 601499403 Grease fitting
20622A 641103338 Gland assy,packing
22451-1 648414308 Seal,mechanical
25014-04M-B 661007005 Packing, Shaft
B3701A 601102494 Bolt assy,gland
20612-02-33 646490557 Shaft
20943-21 641102182 Sleeve,shaft,M.S.
20613-21G-7A 641102181 Sleeve,shaft,Pack
4372-5-21 601212392 Key,shaft
23444-01-72 648415156 Seal,shaft sleeve
22210-1A 641116108 Deflector assembly
20618-12-1 644302499 Frame, grease lubricated
8505-05 601474737 Plug, Frame Drain
8267-01 601473689 Breather
2538-1H Bolt, casing jack
20626 644303109 Cover, inboard bearing
20625 648408706 Gasket,I.B.Bearing.Cover
20619-01 648408300 Oil seal, I.B.Bearing.Cover
3861-1 601407505 Bolt, I.B.Bearing.Cover
3932-2 601408560 Nut, I.B.Bearing.Cover
19368-01 648411908 Grease fitting
20615-1 661009010 Bearing, Inboard
20624-01-01 644308504 Housing, O.B. bearing
7496-253 648402295 Seal, O.B.Bearing.housing
3861-139 648401057 Bolts, O.B.Bearing.housing
3932-62 658404702 Nuts, O.B.Bearing.housing Jam
20617-01-01 641103296 Cover,O.B.Bearing
19368-01 661010020 Grease Zerk
7496-26 072200017 O-ring, O.B.Bearing,Cover
20619-02 648408359 Oil seal, O.B.Bearing.Cover
3861-139 648401081 Bolt, O.B.Bearing.Cover
20616-1 648408201S Bearing, O.B.
6124-4 648402105 Lock washer, O.B.Bearing
6124-4 648402055 Locknut, O.B.Bearing
19203-01-30A 641101753 Casing assembly, 3x2x13
19205-01-30A 641101902 Casing assembly, 4x3x13
19222-01-30A 641102058 Casing assembly, 5x4x14
19122-01-30A 641101456 Casing assembly, 6x5x11
19123-01-30A 641101605 Casing assembly, 6x5x14
19763-01-30A 641102157 Casing assembly, 8x6x11
19117-01-30A 641101308 Casing assembly, 8x6x14
20937-01-30A 641102322 Casing assembly, 10x8x14
19204-XX-30 Impeller, 3x2x13
19206-XX-30 Impeller, 4x3x13
19224-XX-30 Impeller, 5x4x14
19121-XX-30 Impeller, 6x5x11
19121-XX-30 Impeller, 6x5x14
19121-XX-30 Impeller, 8x6x11
19116-A0-30 Impeller, 8x6x14
21867-XX-30 Impeller, 10x8x14
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