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China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC

China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC

    • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC
    • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC
    • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC
    • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC
    • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC
    • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC
  • China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Mission Magnum
    Certification: API 7K, 6A, 8C, ISO
    Model Number: 2.5inch

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: USD 120-220 per set
    Packaging Details: Carton, Plywood Case
    Delivery Time: 5 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, West Union
    Supply Ability: Fast Delivery, Plenty in Stock
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    Detailed Product Description
    Rotary Seal: Tungsten Carbide Faces Stationary Seal: Tungsten Carbide Faces
    Spring: Stainless Steel 304/316 OEM: 100% Interchangeable With Polular Pump
    Performance: Long Service Life Advantage: Competitive Price
    Packing: Carton Box

    China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TCBETTER SBM Heavy-duty Centrifugal Pump

    As a replacement centriugal pump of HALCO/MCM 250 style, and replacement spare parts can be provided with superior quality and competitve price. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in any of our products.

    Technical Parameter and Datasheet (Clear Water Performance)

    Model BT-SBM 10x8x14 BT-SBM 8x6x14 BT-SBM 8x6x11 BT-SBM 6x5x14
    Discharge Volume (Max.) 4300 gpm 2600 gpm 2150 gpm 1825 gpm
    Discharge Head (Max.) 175ft 205ft 120ft 225ft
    PRM (min.-max.) 1200~1800 1200~1800 1200~1800 1200~1800
    Inlet Diameter ( inch ) 10 8 8 6
    Outlet Diameter ( inch ) 8 6 6 5
    Weight (lb) 705 595 595 529
    Dimension ( inch ) 38 x 26 x 26 38 x 25 x 25 38 x 24 x 24 36 x 22 x 21
    Model BT-SBM 6x5x11 BT-SBM 5x4x14 BT-SBM 4x3x13 BT-SBM 3x2x13
    Discharge Volume (Max.) 1800 gpm 1150 gpm 875 gpm 550 gpm
    Discharge Head (Max.) 120ft 215ft 530ft 500ft
    PRM (min.-max.) 1200~1800 1200~2100 1200~3600 1200~3600
    Inlet Diameter ( inch ) 6 5 4 3
    Outlet Diameter ( inch ) 5 4 3 2
    Weight (lb) 529 529 445 432
    Dimension ( inch ) 36 x 20 x 20 36 x 20 x 20 34 x 19 x 19 34 x 19 x 19


    One-piece, Thicker, Stronger and Concentric Casing
    All of BETTER SBM pump casings are designed thicker than the conventional domestic pump casings, and the concentric casing eliminates vibration, turbulence and cavitation which is caused by cut water in the conventional volute pumps, and it also can reduce the high bearing load and shaft deflection present in other designs at near shutoff flows.
    Casing jack bolts allow the casing to be mechanically removed eliminating the need for pry bars or striking the casing during maintenance and eliminates damage to the casing and pedestal during disassembly.
    Wider, High Efficient, Open Vane Impeller
    The open vane design eliminates re-circulation, which occurs in closed impellers; and the back vanes are the same curvature as the front vanes, which is more tangential to the circumference of the suction to reduce turbulence.
    To remove the metal between the vanes, and to provide partial shrouds for max. vane support, the reduced unbalanced forces brings a much lower axial thrust to min. and improved bearing life; and the back pump-out vanes reduce the concentration of solids at the stuffing box and lower the pressure on the stuffing box to prolong its life.
    Wider impeller design and larger distance from the tip of vanes to the casing allowed the fluid leaving impeller to blend with re-circulating fluid, it greatly reduce the casing's abrasive wear and eliminate scrubbing action.
    The impeller is screwed onto the shaft with o-ring sealing, and the impeller anti-loosening device prevents the impeller loosening if the pump runs backwards during startup and inspection of motor direction.
    Smooth impeller eye deign for minimum turbulence and high efficiency.
    External adjustment of impeller distance is available to extend pump life.
    2 1/2" Larger Heavy-duty Alloy Steel Shaft
    Much larger pump shaft for heavy-duty performance, min. deflection and increased life of packing and mechanical seal; and the replaceable hook type shaft sleeve is easily replaced in the field without removing the shaft, and which prevent the shaft wear and prolong the shaft working life. Ceramic coated shaft sleeve is for option.
    Long Life Cost-Effective Mechanical Seal
    The mechanical seal allows for near zero leakage. Single tungsten carbide vs. tungsten carbide mechanical seal is the factory standard, which is highly abrasive resistant in PH value of 7-14. And silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal is recommended for a lower PH level. Both type is lubricated by the transferring fluid and required the pump to remain primed during operation. BETTER also offer more economical option, packing rings to address the leakage.
    High quality, Advanced Front and Rear Bearings
    Outboard bearing is a duplex set of angular contact bearings with high thrust load capabilities and zero end play; and the front or inboard bearing is a single row roller bearing with high radial load capabilities to replace the previous double row bearing. Advanced front and rear bearing design reduces both radial and thrust loads. Grease lubrication is the factory standard. Oil lubrication is recommended for pump speed over 2400rpm, upon request.
    Easy Removal Stuffing Box
    Dual stuffing box bolts are positioned 180 degrees apart to hold the stuffing box in position during casing removal. To remove just one bolt to remove the stuffing box to access into the casing and stuffing box chamber for the convenient replacement of shaft sleeve or mechanical seal installation. Grease lubrication or to flush the internal flushing 5 standard rings of packing w/ a lantern ring can be operated from the tapped opening on the stuffing box.

    Solid Frame Pedestal
    The solid frame base provides a strengthen support to the heavy-duty pump performance, and replaceable with other popular brand pumps by same pedestal size.

    Common Application:
    Barite, ferric oxide and mineral oil
    Base drilling mud
    Glass fibers
    Sugar processing
    Ash or coal conveyors
    Mine de-watering
    Lime slurry
    Koalin clay
    Crystalline forms

    Mounting options
    Horizontal electric and close coupled horizontal model, and overhead belts driven type.

    Part Cross Reference Chart

    Item No. Part No. Description Qty.
    1 G0006001 Pedestal ъаза
    2 G0006002 Shaft вал
    2A G0006055 Shaft and Bearing(incl.2,3,5,8,24,28,35,40,41) комплект вала с подшипни-ками 1
    3 G0006003 Outboard Bearing Housing Корпус заднего подшипника 1
    4 G0006004 Packing Gland Втулка сальника 1
    5 G0006005 Inboard Bearing Подшипник передний 1
    6 G0006006 Slinger Ring, Water Маслоотражательное кольцоподшиника 1
    7 G0006007 Inboard Bearing Cover Крышка переднего подшипника 1
    8 G0006008 Outboard Bearing Подшипник задний 2
    9 G0006009 Outboard Bearing Cober Крышка заднего подшипника 1
    10 G0006010 Graphite Packing Графитовая набивка 1
    - G0006011 King Packing набивка King 1
    - G0006012 Teflon Packing Тефлоновая набивка 1
    - G0006013 Mechanical Seal Механическое уплотнение 1
    11 G0006014 Gland Bolt Assembly Комплке болта сальника 2
    12 G0006015 Shaft Sleeve, Ceramic Втулка вала керамическая 1
    - G0006311 Shaft Sleeve, Stainless Steel   1
    13 G0006016 Stuffing Box F/Packing Сальниковая коробка с набивным уплотнением 1
    - G0006017 Stuffing Box F/Mechanical Seal Сальниковая коробка с Механическое уплотнение 1
    14 G0006184 Impeller, 3x2x13.00   1
    - G0006183 Impeller, 3x2x12.50   1
    - G0006182 Impeller, 3x2x12.00   1
    - G0006181 Impeller, 3x2x11.50   1
    - G0006180 Impeller, 3x2x11.00   1
    - G0006179 Impeller, 3x2x10.50   1
    - G0006178 Impeller, 3x2x10.00   1
    - G0006177 Impeller, 3x2x9.50   1
    - G0006176 Impeller, 3x2x9.00   1
    - G0006175 Impeller, 3x2x8.50   1
    - G0006018 Impeller, 3x2x8.00 Рабочее колесо 3x2x13 1
    - G0006194 Impeller, 4x3x13.00   1
    - G0006193 Impeller, 4x3x12.50   1
    - G0006192 Impeller, 4x3x12.00   1
    - G0006191 Impeller, 4x3x11.50   1
    - G0006190 Impeller, 4x3x11.00   1
    - G0006189 Impeller, 4x3x10.50   1
    - G0006188 Impeller, 4x3x10.00   1
    - G0006187 Impeller, 4x3x9.50   1
    - G0006186 Impeller, 4x3x9.00   1
    - G0006185 Impeller, 4x3x8.50   1
    - G0006019 Impeller, 4x3x8.00 Рабочее колесо 4x3x13 1
    - G0006204 Impeller, 5x4x14.00   1
    - G0006203 Impeller, 5x4x13.50   1
    - G0006202 Impeller, 5x4x13.00   1
    - G0006201 Impeller, 5x4x12.50   1
    - G0006200 Impeller, 5x4x12.00   1
    - G0006199 Impeller, 5x4x11.50   1
    - G0006198 Impeller, 5x4x11.00   1
    - G0006197 Impeller, 5x4x10.50   1
    - G0006196 Impeller, 5x4x10.00   1
    - G0006195 Impeller, 5x4x9.50   1
    - G0006020 Impeller, 5x4x9.00 Рабочее колесо 5x4x14 1
      G0006168 Impeller, 6x5x11.00 and 8x6x11.00   1
    - G0006167 Impeller, 6x5x10.50 and 8x6x10.50   1
    - G0006166 Impeller, 6x5x10.00 and 8x6x10.00   1
    - G0006165 Impeller, 6x5x9.50 and 8x6x9.50   1
    - G0006164 Impeller, 6x5x9.00 and 8x6x9.00   1
    - G0006163 Impeller, 6x5x8.50 and 8x6x8.50   1
    - G0006021 Impeller, 6x5x8.00 and 8x6x8.00 Рабочее колесо 6x5x11 1
    - G0006214 Impeller, 6x5x14.00   1
    - G0006213 Impeller, 6x5x13.50   1
    - G0006212 Impeller, 6x5x13.00   1
    - G0006211 Impeller, 6x5x12.50   1
    - G0006210 Impeller, 6x5x12.00   1
    - G0006209 Impeller, 6x5x11.50   1
    - G0006224 Impeller, 8x6x14.00   1
    - G0006223 Impeller, 8x6x13.50   1
    - G0006222 Impeller, 8x6x13.00   1
    - G0006221 Impeller, 8x6x12.50   1
    - G0006220 Impeller, 8x6x12.00   1
    - G0006219 Impeller, 8x6x11.50   1
      G0006218 Impeller, 8x6x11.00   1
    - G0006217 Impeller, 8x6x10.50   1
    - G0006216 Impeller, 8x6x10.00   1
    14 G0006018 250-2x3x13 Impeller Рабочее колесо 3x2x13  
      G0006019 250-3x4x13 Impeller Рабочее колесо 4x3x13  
      G0006020 250-4x5x14 Impeller Рабочее колесо 5x4x14  
      G0006021 250-5x6x11 Impeller Рабочее колесо 6x5x11  
      G0006022 250-5x6x14 Impeller Рабочее колесо 6x5x14 6x5x11
      G0006023 250-6x8x11 Impeller Рабочее колесо 8x6x11  
      G0006024 250-6x8x14 Impeller Рабочее колесо 8x6x14  
    15 G0006025 Housing Assembly, 3x2x13 Корпус насоса 3x2x13 1
    - G0006026 Housing Assembly, 4x3x13 Корпус насоса 4x3x13 1
    - G0006027 Housing Assembly, 5x4x14 Корпус насоса 5x4x14 1
    - G0006028 Housing Assembly, 6x5x11 Корпус насоса 6x5x11 1
    - G0006029 Housing Assembly, 6x5x14 Корпус насоса 6x5x14 1
    - G0006030 Housing Assembly, 8x6x11 Корпус насоса 8x6x11 1
    - G0006031 Housing Assembly, 8x6x14 Корпус насоса 8x6x14 1
    16 G0006032 Housing Stud with Nut Шпилъка и гайка корпуса насоса 12
    16A G0006309 Housing Stud   12
    16B G0006310 Housing Nut   12
    17A G0006033 Fluid End Gasket Kit(incl. 17, 18, 19) Комплект уплотнения корпуса насоса N/A
    17 G0006034 Housing Gasket Прокладка корпуса насоса 1
    18 G0006035 Impeller Seal, O-ring Кольцо уплотнительное рабчего колеса 1
    19 G0006036 Shaft Sleeve Seal, O-ring Кольцо уплотнительное втулки вала 1
    20A G0006037 Oil Seal Kit(Incl.20,21,22) Комплект масляного уплотнения N/A
    20 G0006038 Inboard Bearing Oil Seal Уплотнение масляное переднего подшипника 1
    21 G0006039 Inboard Exclusion Seal Защитное уплотнение переднего подшипника 1
    22 G0006040 Outboard Bearing Oil Seal Уплотнение масляное заднего подшипника 1
    23A G0006041 Power End Gasket Kid(Incl.23,24,25) Комплект прокладок опорнойчасти N/A
    23 G0006042 Inboard Bearing Cover Gasket Прокладка крышки переднего подшипника 1
    24 G0006043 Outboard Bearing Housing Seal, O-ring Кольцо уплотнительное корпуса заднего подшипника 1
    25 G0006044 Outboard Bearing Cover Seal, O-Ring Кольцо уплотнительное крышки заднего подшипника 1
    26 G0006045 Bearing Lock Nut Kit(Incl.26A, 26B) Стопорная годшипника 1
    26A G0006280 Bearing Lockwasher   1
    26B G0006281 Bearing Lock Nut   1
    27 G0006279 Outboard Bearing Cover Bolt   2
    28 G0006106 Bearing Housing Bolt Ъолт корпуса сальника 2
    29 G0006282 Inboard Bearing Cover Bolt   2
    30 G0006284 Bearing Cover Plug   2
    30A G0006315 Grease Fitting, Zerk, 1/16" NPT   2
    31 G0006106 Stuffing Box Bolt   2
    32 G0006278 Oil Plug   2
    33 G0006315 Grease Fitting, Zerk   1
    34** G0006278 Plug, Grease Lubed Pump, 1/4"NPT   1
    34A* G0006160 Breather Plug   1
    35 G0006283 Coupling Key   1
    36 G0006047 Casing Wear Plate, 4x3x13 Пластинаб компенсирующаяизнсо 1
    - G0006048 Casing Wear Plate, 5x4x14 Пластинаб компенсирующаяизнсо 1
    - G0006049 Casing Wear Plate, 6x5x11 Пластинаб компенсирующаяизнсо 1
    - G0006050 Casing Wear Plate, 6x5x14 Пластинаб компенсирующаяизнсо 1
    - G0006051 Casing Wear Plate, 8x6x11 Пластинаб компенсирующаяизнсо 1
    - G0006052 Casing Wear Plate, 8x6x14 Пластинаб компенсирующаяизнсо 1
    37 G0006158 Outboard Labyrinth Seal   1
    38 G0006159 Inboard Labyrinth Seal   1
    39** G0006277 Rubber Plug   1
    39A* G0006314 Oil Dip Stick, Push in   1
    39B* G0006156 Oil Dip Stick, Threaded   1
    40 G0006282 Outboard Bearing Housing Adjusting Bolt   2
    41 G0006316 Outboard Bearing Housing Adjusting Nut   2
    *Oil-lubricated pump only
    **Grease-lubricated pump only


    China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC

    China made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TCChina made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TCChina made Mechanical Seal G0006013 Good Quality for exported TC/TC

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