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BETTER BT-SB Heavy duty centrifugal sand pump and Pump Parts Hard Iron Casting

BETTER BT-SB Heavy duty centrifugal sand pump and Pump Parts Hard Iron Casting

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    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: BETTER
    Certification: API 7K, 6A, 8C, ISO
    Model Number: BT-SB

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
    Price: OFFER
    Packaging Details: Carton, Plywood Case
    Delivery Time: 7-10 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, West Union
    Supply Ability: Fast Delivery, Plenty in Stock
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    Detailed Product Description
    Theory: Centrifugal Pump Structure: Single-stage Pump
    Usage: Slurry Power: Electric
    Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard Fuel: Motor
    Pressure: Low Pressure Application: Sewage
    Material: Hard Iron, Chrome Iron, Bronze

    BT-SB Mission Magnum Style Heavy duty centrifugal sand pump available in various sizes and setups, with Hard Iron Casted Left Hand Housing and Impeller, Mechanical Shaft Seal with Ceramic Shaft Sleeve and Graphite Backup Packing. Most common 2500 series pump will be equipped with those options, other configurations are available.
    Available sizes:
    - 2″x3″x13″
    - 3″x4″x13″
    - 4″x5″x14″
    - 5″x6″x14″
    - 6″x8″x14″
    - 8″x10″x14″
    Our centrifugal pumps and spare parts are interchangeable with those (standard) manufactured by MCM®, Mission® Magnum, Halco®, Mattco, Harrisburg®, National Oilwell, Mission®2500 Supreme, SPD Mud Hog®, ® premium 2500.
    Graphite (backup) Packing: P25PMSG, 8264-24-OBA, 17660-001, 8A-250-PMSG, 720441, 052141500, H2537-24A
    Housing Gasket: P25HG, 10399-46-1, 17648, 13C-250-HGA, 720700, 052137100, H10399-46-1
    Hard Iron Seal Plate (Stuffing Box) for Mechanical Seal: P25SB/MS, 22223-01-30A, 17658-002, 11C-250-SBMSS, 721350, 052136410, H22223-01-30A
    Mechanical Seal Assembly, not include the Graphite Backup Packing (3001200): P25MS/TT, 22451, 17662, 34A-250-MSI, 721540, WVBUF9000, H22451
    Gland Bolt Assembly: P25GABA, 3701A, 17686, 10-250-GABA, 720600, 052137280, H3701A
    Shaft Sleeve, Ceramic: P25SHSLVC, 20613-21G-7A, 17666-002, 7A-250-SSC, 721580, 052144200, H20613-21G-7A
    Housing Assembly 2″x3″x13″ Hard Iron: P25D233H, 19203-01-30A, 17690-002, 142523HAS, 05213400, H19203-01-30A
    Housing Assembly 3″x4″x13″ Hard Iron: P25D343H, 19205-01-30A, 17680-002, 142534HAS, 052134100, H19205-01-30A
    Housing Assembly 4″x5″x14″ Hard Iron: P25D454H, 19222-01-30A, 17681-002, 052134200, H19222-01-30A
    Housing Assembly 5″x6″x14″ Hard Iron: P25D564H, 19123-01-30A, 17683-002, 142556HAS-14, 052134400, H19123-01-30A
    Housing Assembly 6″x8″x11″ Hard Iron: P25D681H, 19763-01-30A, 17684-002, 052134500, H19763-01-30A
    Housing Assembly 6″x8″x14″ Hard Iron: P25D684H, 19117-01-30A, 17685-002, 142568HAS, 052134600, H19117-01-30A
    Housing Stud w/nut: P25HSN, 3862-76/3932-61, 17649/5327-034, 15-250-HSN, B16092121000048& 19052121000000, WWHS1S3HA & WWJ11S800, H2507-3 & H3932-61
    Impeller Seal O-Ring: P25IMS, 19110-72, 5530-0032, 12B-250-ISOR, 721480, WWB032V35, H19110-72
    Packing Gland: P25PG, 20622A, 17659, 9-250-GPA, 720590, 052136500, H20622A
    Shaft w/lock bolt: P25SHFT, 20612-02-33, 17665-001, 7-250-416SS, 720175, 052133900, H20612-02-33
    Shaft Sleeve Seal O-ring: P25SSS, 7496-236, 5530-136, 7B-250-SSOR, 721490
    Deflector Outboard: P25SRW, 17691, 22210-1A, 23-250-SRW-U, 721040, WWW003003, H22210-1
    Inboard Bearing Cover: P25IBBC, 20626A, 17671, 2B-250-BC, 720780, 052136710, H17950
    Inboard Bearing Cover Gasket: P25IBBCG, 20625, 17672, 3A-250-BCG, 721520, 052137400, H20625
    Inboard Exclusion Oil Seal: P251BBES, 20620-01, 5550-006, 5C-250-SEXI, 720370, WWW003001, H20620-01
    Inboard Bearing: P25IBBRG, 20615-1, 50913-001, 4B-250-BI, 720300, WWENT5313, H20615-1
    Outboard Bearing Housing: P25OBBH, 20624-01-01, 17673, 4C-250-BH, 720800, 052136810, H20624-01-01
    Outboard Bearing Housing O-ring: P25OBBHS, 7496-253, 5530-254, 4D-250-BHOR, 721510, WWB254H30, H7496-253
    Outboard Bearing Cover: P25OBBC, 20617A, 17866, 2A-250-BC, 720790, 052136910, H20617-01-01
    Outboard Bearing Cover O-ring: P25OBBCS, 7496-26, 5530-246, 3B-250-BCOR, 720390, WWB248P41, H7496-26
    Outboard Bearing Cover Oil Seal: P25OBBOS, 20619-02, 5550-007, 5A-250-OGSO, 720390
    Impeller 2″x3″x13″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D233MRxxx, 19204-XX-30, 17650-XX-112, 1225231XX, 05213571X, H2521-90-30
    Impeller 3″x4″x13″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D343MRxxx, 19206-XX-30, 17651-XX-112, 1225341-XX, 05213581X,
    Impeller 4″x5″x14″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D454MRxxx, 19224-XX-30, 17652-XX-112, 1225451-XXX, 05213591X,
    Impeller 6″x5″x11″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D561MRxxx, 19121-XX-30, 17653-XX-112, 1225561-XXX, 05213601X,
    Impeller 6″x5″x14″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D564MRxxx, 19121-XX-30, 17654-XX-112, 1225561-XXX, 05213621, H2524-AO-30
    Impeller 6″x8″x11″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D561MRxxx, 19121-XX-30, 17653-XX-112, 1225661-XXX, 05213601X, H2524-70-30
    Impeller 6″x8″x14″ Hard Iron, WITH HOLE: P25D684MRxxx, 19116-XX-30, 17656-XX-112, 1125681-XXX, 05213631X, H2525-A)-30
    Outboard Bearing: P25OBBRG, 20616-1, 50912-001, 4A-250-BO, 720320, WWESK7311, H20616-1
    Bearing Lock Nut Kit: 3004500 & 3004600, P25BLNK, 17689, 6123-4A, 4E-250-BBLNA, 721560 & 721550
    Fluid End Gasket Kit: 3000200/ 3000700/ 3002100, P25FEGK, 10399-46-1A, 17690, 31-250-FEGK, 052137100, H10399-46-1
    Oil Seal Kit: 3002900/ 3003000/ 3004200, P25OSK, 20619A, 17693, 33-250-GSK, 052149000, H20619A
    Power End Gasket Kit: 3002800/ 3003700/ 3004100, P25PEGK, 20625A, 17692, 32-250-PEGK, 52137400, H20625A
    19203AH Casing Repair Kit 3 x 2 x 13 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    19205AH Casing Repair Kit 4 x 3 x 13 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    19222AH Casing Repair Kit 5 x 4 x 14 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    19122AH Casing Repair Kit 6 x 5 x 11 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    19123AH Casing Repair Kit 6 x 5 x 14 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    19763AH Casing Repair Kit 8 x 6 x 11 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    19117AH Casing Repair Kit 8 x 6 x 14 (Includes Hard Iron Casing, Casing Gasket, Casing Studs and Nuts
    641102182 Sleeve, Shaft Repair Kit, Stainless Steel (includes Shaft Sleeve, Impeller Seal and Shaft Sleeve Seal)
    641101076 Gasket Kit, Fluid End (Includes Casing Gasket, Impeller Seal and Shaft Sleeve Seal)
    641103353 Kit, Gasket Power End (includes Inboard Bearing Gasket, Outboard Bearing Housing Seal, Outboard Bearing cover Seal)
    641100409 Bearing Lock Nut Replacement Kit, Includes Outboard Bearing Lockwasher & Outboard Bearing Locknut
    641103312 Seal Kit, Oil (Includes Inboard Exclusion Seal, Inboard Oil Seal,and Outboard Oil Seal)
    BETTER BT-SB Heavy duty centrifugal sand pump and Pump Parts Hard Iron Casting

    Shaft 20612-02-33 H20612-02-33 646490557 TP-25SHFT 17665-001 7-250-416SS P25SHFT 052133900 H20612-02-33
    Sleeve, shaft, M.S. 20943-21 - 641102182 - - - - - -
    Sleeve, shaft, Pack 20613-21G-7A H20613-21G-7A 641102181 TP-P25SHSLVC 17666-002 11-250SBPG P25SHSLVC 052144200 H20613-21G-7A
    Key, shaft 4372-5-21 H4372-5-21 601212392 - - - - WWW00A004 H4372-5-21
    Seal, shaft sleeve 23444-01-72 23444-01-72 648415156 - - - - - -

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